Why Become An System Integrator (SI)

As an SI, we will work in Partnership with you to bring really cool IoT tech to your business, and to your clients. You will have full access to our awesome Renegade IoT platform, with full support and training. You don't need to develop your own tech, simply use ours to bring real and lasting differentiation to your clients. 

So How Does it Work?

Very simple and very transparent. There's two ways this can work, both of which we use currently with a number of providers:

Option 1: We fly under your banner, we become you and work as you with the end client. Your team installs and become 1st line support for Renegade IoT and MKL agree a SI monthly fee with you (based on volume)  

Option 2: You position MKL as your digital partner, the end client works with us, we hold the digital relationship and we provide a percentage share of the first year agreement 

Introducing Our IoT Platform....Renegade.

We Promise No Planners in Fancy Frocks

Renegade IoT is the real deal. Renegade, sets out to revolutionise an organisation, purely by being able to watch, report and control assets from anywhere in the world using IoT sensors and amazingly user-friendly dashboards. The RoI figures are impressive; if you can measure it, you can understand it and you can change it, and there are always savings / efficiencies to be had. As even legacy systems (such as Trend BMS) can be connected and optimised through Renegade, their clients have a completely connected view of all their onsite assets. No rip and replace here, we simply upgrade what the client already has.

We will absolutely not roll a turd in glitter and try to sell you it. Only the best tech for our clients. (We even have this written in our CX strategy!) Cutting edge tech and honest selling, all the way. 

Hear from our COO John Parker about collaborating with us.

A few outtakes from John's video (cover sensitive ears!)

MKL Innovation. Join us!
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